Did you know...

Manufacturers don't honor warranties on queen size mattresses that doesn't have center support. A center leg is VITAL on your queen size bed!
We have American iron bed rails & frames. If you need rails for any size ('bolt' on or 'hook' on) we got'em! If you don't have a footboard and need a frame for any size bed,we got'em! If you want converter rails to change a full into a queen,we got'em! If you have questions on rails or frames, give us a call!

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Oh the humanity...

You want to sleep good,,,
You NEED to sleep well and be comfortable. National advertising of a brand or a beautiful cover on a mattress doesn't accomplish that. "how will it feel in six months?".

We have been supplying customers with bedding for decades. Our salespeople have product knowledge but MORE IMPORTANTLY we have customer feedback and "know the ropes" on mattresses.
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Our Myrtle Beach Store

We have a second location in sunny beautiful Myrtle Beach South Carolina! So when your vacating to the coast...drop in and visit them.

They are located on 501 just past Grissom Hwy. (just before you get to the ocean).
The main man there is Chuck..
.well known locally
(thanks to a gazillion TV spots)
....as "the negotiator"

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Across the road...or across the country!

You may be interested to know that Lewis Furniture has made thousands of deliveries. We've delivered to homes across the street and to Costa Rica, California, New Jersey...well you get the idea!

Normally we use our own trucks and crew however long distance deliveries are accomplished by our teaming up with Sun Delivery (please see video to the right).